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10 Queer TV Shows To Catch Up On In 2024

To celebrate the release of DEAD BOY DETECTIVES, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best queer TV shows from the past couple of years. From gay reality tv dating shows, to hilariously dark sitcoms and queer highschool dramas that everyone should be watching - here are 10 more queer and LGBT+ inclusive TV shows available to watch in the UK right now.

(All shows available in the UK at time of publishing.)


Based on the comics by Neil Gaiman, DEAD BOY DETECTIVES follows a group of mystery-solving teens - two of whom are dead - as they help their ghostly clients find closure and move on to the afterlife... all while trying to escape death, witches and demons. It's queer and funny, spooky and dark, and everything you want from a supernatural mystery. Perfect for fans of Buffy and Scooby-Doo (just with a few more violent deaths).

Where to watch it: Netflix

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Men, Queer Women

Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Horror, Comedy

Episode Run Time: 50m

2. I KISSED A BOY/I KISSED A GIRL (2023 - present)

I KISSED A BOY is a British dating game show where ten single gay men are paired up at an Italian villa and spend several weeks getting to know each other after meeting for the first time with a kiss. It's full of drama, romance and Dannii Minogue - along with some really lovely conversations about queerness and dating. BBC3 also released the cast for the spinoff series I KISSED A GIRL this week - think the same show, but with lesbian couples - set to be released on the 5th of May.

Where to watch it: BBC iPlayer

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Men/Queer Women

Genre: Reality TV, Drama, Romance

Episode Run Time: 45m

3. FEEL GOOD (2020-2021)

Yes, it's been out for a while, but it's now available to watch on Netflix and it's SO damn good. Written and starring comedian Mae Martin, FEEL GOOD is a romantic comedy-drama following recovering addict and comic Mae and their new girlfriend George. With a truly fantastic script and brilliant acting performances from the entire cast, FEEL GOOD tackles addiction, queer relationships, gender identity and past trauma with heart and humour.

Where to watch it: Channel 4, Netflix

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Women, Non-Binary

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episode Run Time: 30m

4. DEAD HOT (2024)

DEAD HOT is wild. It's a short and sweet six-part comedy thriller mini-series about love, loss, sexuality, identity, and class. It follows two friends (Elliot and Jess), brought together by the loss of Peter - Jess's Brother and Elliot's first love. It's dark and funny and creepy and very very gay.

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Men

Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Mystery

Episode Run Time: 30m


SUCH BRAVE GIRLS is another darkly funny British sitcom - this time about trauma, identity, narcissism and a self-sabotaging dysfunctional family. The show follows Josie (a depressed lesbian who doesn't know who she is), her sister Billie (who she has a love/hate relationship with), and their mother Deb (a compulsive liar) as they make terrible life decisions and fight their way through ridiculous situations.

Where to watch it: BBC iPlayer

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Women

Genre: Dark Comedy, Drama

Episode Run Time: 25m

6. HEARTBREAK HIGH (2022 - present)

HEARTBREAK HIGH is back for a second season! After a graffiti map detailing the sexual exploits of Hartley High's students is discovered on the wall of the school, all of the students whose names were on it are forced to attend a new sex education class. Amerie, the map's creator, becomes a social outcast after taking the fall for its co-author, Harper, who has stopped talking to her following a tragedy at a music festival they attended.

Where to watch it: Netflix

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Women, Non-Binary, Queer Men, Asexual Men

Genre: Highschool Drama, Comedy, Romance

Episode Run Time: 50m

7. BIG BOYS (2022-present)

BIG BOYS is a British sitcom set in 2013 following two first-year university students who live together and follows Jack as he recovers from his father's death and explores his sexuality for the first time. Expect themes of self-discovery, unlikely friendships, hilarious situations and teenage exploration. Season two was released earlier this year in January.

Where to watch it: Channel 4

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Men

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Episode Run Time: 30m

8. THE BISEXUAL (2018)

Another oldie (but now it's available on Disney+ too). THE BISEXUAL is a British comedy-drama series following an Iranian-American woman called Leila after a recent breakup with her long-term girlfriend. Having come to the realisation that she's bisexual, Leila has left her girlfriend/business partner Sadie and moved in with Gabe, a neurotic novelist who is having relationship problems of his own. Perfect for people searching for some messy bisexual representation.

Where to watch it: Channel 4, Disney +

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Women

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Episode Run Time: 40m


CAPTAIN LASERHAWK: A BLOOD DRAGON REMIX is a wild, violent, daft and often explicit animated miniseries perfect for fans of Ubisoft games. Inspired by the video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and incorporating several other Ubisoft franchises, CAPTAIN LASERHAWK follows Dolph Laserhawk - a supersoldier assassin - in an alternative, dystopian 90s New York City as he's missioned to stop his ex-boyfriend's evil plans.

Where to watch it: Netflix

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Men

Genre: Animated, Dystopian Sci-Fi, Action-Comedy

Episode Run Time: 20m


EVERYTHING NOW is a queer British drama focusing on the very real impacts of anorexia and eating disorders. The show follows Mia as she tries to find her place back in her friendship circle and life after spending the last 7 months in a facility helping her manage her eating disorder. But life has moved on and life is terrifying and oh my god everything is going wrong in every single way possible.

Where to watch it: Netflix

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Women, Queer Men

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Episode Run Time: 45m


We may not know much about LOST BOYS AND FAIRIES at this point, but from what we do know, we're excited. The upcoming four-part series is set to be released later this year on BBC iPlayer and is said to follow two men looking to adopt a child in Cardiff, Wales. Expect themes of queer parenting, childhood memories and difficult family dynamics.

Where to watch it: BBC iPlayer

LGBTQ+ rep: Queer Men

Genre: Drama, Mini-Series

Episode Run Time: Unknown

Have we missed your favourite new queer TV show? Is there something coming out soon you think we should add to this list? Send us a message @ProudGeekStore or email us at ✌

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