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12 More LGBTQ+ Webcomics You Can Read For Free

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Looking for something new to read? Why not spend the afternoon reading some queer webcomics!? From singing crocodiles to hot monster girls, 90s urban fantasy and queer slice-of-life romance - here are 12 more LGBT+ webcomics you can read for free.


- LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Comedy, Music -

Mayday Mendez has hit rock bottom. But when she discovers a quartet of magical, singing crocodilians, she hopes they can be her ticket to stardom. In truth, they're her first steps toward healing the wounds of her past... Created by Hamish Steele, creator of Dead End: Paranormal Park / DeadEndia, and illustrated by George Williams.


- Queer Women, Slice-Of-Life, Romance -

Overly imaginative teenager Boo Meadows has always escaped her daily grind by living with her head in the clouds-- for better or worse. But when she meets the girl of her daydreams, it may finally be time to face reality.


- Queer Men, Superpowers, Drama -

Long Exposure is a completed webcomic about a nerd and a bully who are forced to work on a class project together. The story revolves around them developing super powers after an incident at a strange research center, and finding themselves followed by a mysterious car, overcoming personal challenges, and (most importantly) discovering how gay they are for each other.


- Queer Women, Fantasy, Romance -

A sapphic fantasy webcomic - when a drunk girl is saved from a bad date by a dragon girl, love blooms quickly between the two. It's a super sweet story of lesbian romance and cute monster girls with some truly adorable artwork.


- Queer Men, Slice-Of-Life, Romance -

When the gay single dad Sebastian gets a job offer in Philadelphia, he decides it's time for a change of scenery and moves cross country with his daughter, leaving Los Angeles behind. It's not an easy transition into their new lives, but with help from a kindhearted part-time librarian, hopefully, everything will turn out alright...


- LGBTQ+, Supernatural, Fantasy -

After losing his job and wife, Big Chuck starts over a fighter on an island of monsters. There he meets an angelic blonde named Skolli. But Skolli has dark secrets of their own and in a world where people can change their shape, nothing is as it seems.

If you've ever wanted to read a love triangle featuring a beastman, gender-shifter and gargoyle, then this is the series for you.


- Trans Men, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance -

Sam wants to win glory for the right to marry his beloved. But when he forms a friendship with an enemy monster, he must decide where his true loyalties lie.

Queer fantasy adventure / slow-burn BL. Updates Tuesdays.


- LGBTQ+, Urban Fantasy, Slice-Of-Life -

A misdialed number leads to an unexpected, long-distance romance. BUUZA!! is a comic about found family, diaspora and religion, set in an urban fantasy 90's Middle East and central Asia.

CW: Mentions of sex work, off-screen or mentioned violence, non-visual threat


- Trans Women, Music, Romance, 18+ -

Mal Hassan is just a girl living on her mom's farm, but when she is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with her favorite band, she drops everything to follow them on tour. How could she pass up her one chance to hook up with that hot guitarist? Is this a dream come true or a disaster waiting to happen?

Content Warning: sexual content and adult themes.


- LGBTQ+, Polyamory, Romance, Music -

Aspiring musician Julie finds herself relying on the charity of others to get her life back together, but the feelings she’s developing for her new housemates threaten to tear it all apart.

Charity Case is a polyamorous romance with a side helping of found families; if you like agonizingly slow relationship development and LGBTQ+ characters, this is the one for you.


- Trans Men, Comedy, Slice-Of-Life -

Man Time is a comic about three trans-masculine people going through the ups and downs of life. Being trans is tough. But there’s plenty to laugh about too! Follow the adventures of Omar, Ty and Jack in this slice-of-life trans webcomic.


- Queer Men, Supernatural, Romance -

The small-town hospitality of Fairetown gives Wilco and Blake a safe home, but various creatures, critters, and creepy-crawlies might be more than they bargained for. Follow along with Wilco, Blake, and their neighbors (and cryptids) in Fairetown.

Have we missed your favourite webcomic from this list? Send us a message on Twitter @ProudGeekStore or email us at

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