What To Do When Someone Says They HATE Reading!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

"I've tried but I just don't enjoy reading. I much rather watch Netflix instead" "I'm not that into reading, it's just so boring." What do you do when you hear statements like this? It's never easy to change someone's mind on something. But when you want nothing more than to geek out about the book you've just finished - it can be quite frustrating.

Nobody wants to be *that friend* but sometimes we want to bring some joy to others and share some great experiences we've had. Reading is the perfect example of one of those joys.

There's nothing better than discussing a thrilling storyline, favourite character or surprising plot-twist with a friend who's as excited as you are. So what about when someone says they don't like reading? Yell? Beg? Do nothing? We have some advice below which might help.

Get Them Hooked On Books From Their Favourite Movies/Series

A great way to get started with anything is to use a familiar approach. Suggesting book adaptions or the originals of their favourite movies or shows is a good way to get people into reading.

Explain that it's a different medium and it's usually more in-depth when describing the story, characters or setting. Usually, if we watch a movie before reading the book - we end up having that movie style and visuals in mind as we read. This can help people who might find it difficult to imagine a setting.

If someone is still reluctant to try, suggest that they read to answer the age-old question: "What's better the film or the book?" Everyone has different opinions on it so you never know how they might feel.

What About Reading Before Bed?

It might sound stupid, but many of us are night owls and find it hard to sleep at night. Staring at our social media feed is never a helpful way to get those Z's. Suggesting that someone tries reading for a half an hour before sleeping might be what they need to get that much-needed rest.

It really helps especially to unwind after a long busy day. You can also give yourself goals such as a chapter a night or a certain number of pages. One reason people don't read books is due to not having enough time to do so. This gives everyone the opportunity to create a ritualistic method of ensuring they get a daily reading requirement.

Starting With Some Audiobooks

Some people just can't be convinced to pick up a book and get into it. For those REALLY stubborn responders, a good suggestion is to recommend audiobooks. Audiobooks are great for background noise, engaging with people and helping to build their imagination.

Audiobooks are growing in popularity - similar to podcasts they are easy to access and with people stuck at home they're great to put on without much attention needed.

Audible, Scribd and Kobo are some examples of sites where you can find audiobooks of both popular and niche publications. Some are even linked to Alexa for easy listening!

Use Christmas or Birthday Presents As A Way To Get Them Hooked

Of course, we all know you don't need a reason to give someone a present. However, this could be an opportunity to subtly get a stubborn pal on the road to becoming a book worm.

Gifting books based on their interests or a subscription to an e-book website might just be your best chance. Getting the book into someone's room can be half the battle. Once they find themselves bored on a rainy day their curiosity might just get the better of them. Next thing you know they're reading chapter after chapter.

Help Them Kick A Bad Habit - Like Their Facebook Addiction

We all know bad habits are difficult to shake. Sometimes the secret is replacing these habits with actions that are less harmful (or even ones with a positive impact). All habits start with a trigger, which leads to a person committing their bad habit. Hijacking this trigger and replacing it with a different action is a brilliant way to get over a bad habit.

With so many spending more time indoors these days, some of us find ourselves glued to our social media feeds - not the best thing for our mental and physical health. For many people, this could be a problem they want to try and overcome. Replacing the habit of automatically picking up your phone when you're bored with picking up a book instead might be a clever way to fight back.

Or if this seems too difficult, try dedicating an hour a day to reading a book with your phone either out of reach or switched off.

If Your Friend Wants To Read But Lacks The Motivation...

Some people can be a lost cause. If they can't muster the motivation to do something, no matter how much you push they're doomed to fail. With reading, many might automatically associate it with school and become demotivated. It goes without saying but reading should be fun. Many people throw in the towel early and think "it's not for me."

There's a book out there for everyone! Often people just haven't found their genre yet. Start reading some blurbs out loud and see what catches their fancy. Start with some best-seller lists or top pick suggestions.

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