Any Place But Here

Morgan Matson meets Sarah Dessen in this emotional story about toxic friendships, new family, unexpected romance, and finding the place you belong.

Seventeen-year-old June can't think of anything worse than being separated from her best friend, Jess. But at the end of her first semester of junior year she's expelled for drinking at a school dance. It's bad enough being expelled, but her parents decide to send her away to live with her grandmother in Virginia and attend the all-girls boarding school where her grandmother teaches. Miles away from home, her life, and most importantly, Jess, June is devastated.

She still talks to Jess every day and counts down the days until she can come back home for the summer. But as she befriends new girls at school, and meets Sam, who she is instantly drawn to, life in Virginia starts to feel more real. Her relationships with her friends, grandmother, and Sam get stronger as she learns more about them and herself through her photography assignments. At the same time, she starts to question her friendship with Jess as Jess pulls away.

Can June hold onto the past while also exploring her new future?

Any Place But Here


    Any Place But Here | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781492677062
    Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc
    Publication Date: 4 Jun 2021
    Genre: YA Romance - Fiction
    Pages: 336
    Dimensions: 140 x 209 x 27 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Women