Black Wings Beating

Brysen and Kylee are twins but they couldn't be more different. Brysen wears his heart on his sleeve and strives to be a falconer like his late father. Kylee has no time for love and runs their family's business to make ends meet.

She wants nothing to do with falconry even though she may have a power hidden deep inside that begs otherwise. Together they embark on a journey - Brysen to save the boy he loves, and Kylee to save Brysen from getting killed - into the treacherous Uztari mountains. They are hunting the legendary Ghost Eagle, a beast deadly enough to sway the tides in a territorial war about to ravage their village.

Alex London weaves a gripping tale to begin this trilogy about the power of communal memory, genocide, and the bonds of blood.

Black Wings Beating

  • Black Wings Beating | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781250211484
    Publisher: Palgrave USA
    Publication Date: 3 Sep 2019
    Genre: YA Fantasy - Fiction
    Pages: 448
    Dimensions: 138 x 209 x 31 (mm)
    Language: English

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