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Glitter Boy

An unforgettable story of family, friendship and, ultimately, irrepressible joy. James loves dancing, poetry, and Mariah Carey (not in that order, though, because Mariah would obviously be first!). His teacher, Mr Hamilton, is getting married to his boyfriend and it seems that James will be part of a surprise choir performance at the wedding.

But James's father seems uncomfortable about the plan, and a lot of other things - like any mention of Mr Hamilton, and James's dancing, and how James talks about his new friend Joel. Meanwhile, a different boy has been harassing James at school and calling him gay, and it's getting worse every day. James can find relief with his beloved Nan, she's been having worrying falls, and James can't tell anyone, or she might be sent to a faraway care home.

The secrets are building up, and James is starting to lose his characteristic spark. Can he find the strength to let the truths out? A joyful, raw and timely novel about family, friends, enemies, and being true to who you really are. Perfect for fans of Alex Gino, A.M.

Glitter Boy

  • Product Information

    Glitter Boy | Paperback
    ISBN: 9780702317828
    Publisher: Scholastic
    Publication Date: 2 Feb 2023
    Genre: YA Romance - Fiction
    Pages: 304
    Dimensions: 128 x 198 x 27 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Representation

    Queer Men
    LGBTQ+ Cast
    Own Voices

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