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NPC Tea, Vol. 1

Hannah the human’s life is turned upside down when she stumbles upon Y Ddraig - a little-known, failing tea shop in the heart of Cardiff, that just happens to be run by an immortal fire spirit and a stressed-out elf. Soon, a lack of customers, obscure teas and Hanny’s lack of magic are the least of their worries, when an ancient power rises out of obscurity to threaten the entire city. Bryn, Oz and Hanny must unite if they are to save their business – and ultimately the city itself.


NPC Tea follows an ex-fire summon, an elf and a human as they attempt to save a failing tea shop in modern-day Cardiff. Written and illustrated by Sarah Millman.

Collects issues 1-8 of NPC Tea.

NPC Tea, Vol. 1

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  • Product Information

    NPC Tea, Vol. 1 | Hardback
    ISBN: 9780993280627
    Publisher: MilmoComics
    Publication Date: 30 Jun 2021
    Pages: 272
    Dimensions: 162 x 247 x 26 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Representation

    LGBTQ+ Cast
    Own Voices

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