Selected as a 2019 LGBT Book of the Year by Dazed and Ms. MagazineA ground-breaking anthology of writing on the topic of love, written by trans and non-binary people who share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of love in all its guises. The collection spans familial, romantic, spiritual and self-love as well as friendships and ally love, to provide a broad and honest understanding of how trans people navigate love and relationships, and what love means to them.

Reclaiming what love means to trans people, this book provokes conversations that are not reflected in what is presently written, moving the narrative around trans identities away from sensationalism. At once intimate and radical, and both humorous and poignant, this book is for anyone who has loved, who is in love, and who is looking for love.

Trans Love : An Anthology of Transgender and Non-Binary Voices

  • Product Information

    Trans Love : An Anthology of Transgender and Non-Binary Voices | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781785924323
    Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
    Publication Date: 21 Aug 2019
    Genre: Gender Studies Anthology - Non-Fiction
    Pages: 296
    Dimensions: 138 x 215 x 21 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Representation

    Non-Binary & Genderqueer
    Trans Men
    Trans Women





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