United Queerdom

Throughout the 1970s the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) initiated an anarchic campaign that permanently changed the face of Britain. Inspired by the Stonewall uprisings in the US, the GLF demanded a 'Absolute Freedom For All' worldwide.

Yet half a century on, injustice is rife and LGBT+ inequality remains. Complete LGBT+ liberation means housing rights, universal healthcare, economic freedom and so much more. Although many people believe queers are now free and should behave, assimilate and become palatable - Dan Glass shows that the fight is far from over.

United Queerdom evocatively captures over five decades of LGBT+ culture and protest from the GLF to 2020s. Showing how central protest is to queer history and identity this book uncovers the back-breaking hard work as well as the glamorous and raucous stories of those who rebelled against injustice and became founders in the story of queer liberation.

United Queerdom

  • United Queerdom : From the Legends of the Gay Liberation Front to the Queers of Tomorrow | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781786998767
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
    Publication Date: 18 Jun 2020
    Genre: Cultural History - Non-fiction
    Pages: 272
    Dimensions: 134 x 215 x 22 (mm)
    Language: English

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