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10 Queer Kickstarter Campaigns To Back During Pride Month 2023

It's Pride Month once again, a time to support and celebrate LGBTQ+ creatives, businesses and artists. From queer TTRPGs to gay romance comics and pride pin badges, here are 10 LGBTQ+ Kickstarter campaigns that you can back right now:

1. The Pride Summer Special 2024

The Pride are back! After a lengthy break, The Pride returns to comics with a special one-shot to celebrate all things summer in The Pride Summer Special from the incredible mind of Joe Glass @JosephGlass. You can buy the original Pride Omnibus HERE.

Back it here:

2. The Hunt: Part Two

The Hunt is an 18+ paranormal gay romance webcomic from Lucid @llllucid about ghost hunting and vampires... I mean werewolves. Avery and Rhys got into some spooky trouble in the first book. In the second book, they deal with the aftermath while Avery starts to realize his feelings for Rhys.

Back it here:

3. The Night of The Werebear: A Horror-Themed Queer DnD Oneshot

The Night of The Werebear is a full-colour 20+ page, pulp-horror-themed adventure for Fifth Edition, written by the multi-award-winning TTRPG author Jack Dixon @Jackaphobia. You can find Jack's previous TTRPGs HERE.

Back it here:

4. Monster Lover

“Summon a Vengeance Demon,” they said. “What could go wrong?” they said. Monster Lover is a gay BL Yaoi dating sim/visual novel from Y Press Games @ypressgames where a desperate man finds love and salvation with a murder genie.

Back it here:

5. LGBT Beans - A Furry Pride Collection

Mumuskii @mumu.skii is a bisexual artist that loves drawing big beans and teeth, wanting to celebrate pride month whilst also celebrating a fandom that is so near and dear to them by creating LGBT Beans patches and pins to celebrate the furry LGBT Community.

Back it here:

6. Early Bird, Volume 1

Early Bird is a futuristic graphic novel that's all slow-burn romance and mutual pining with a specific focus on older male characters and MLM queer romance. Experience a mature and heartwarming romantic drama in a desolate far-future setting, by Zach Sharpe @cursedsirkai and Federica Angelini.

Back it here:

7. Pride Playmat Collection

The Pride Playmat Collection project is a collection of officially licensed, limited edition Playmats from the Pride Across the Multiverse Secret Lair - including work by Winona Nelson @winonanelson, Ricardo Bessa @rbessaaa. Peo Michie @peomichie, Jabari Weathers @GoblinPrincete, Lauren YS @squid.licker and Merlin G.G @EverydayMerlin.

Back it here:

8. Rescue Rainbow City

Rescue Rainbow City is an LGBT+ TTRPG adventure for Pf2e and 5e from Awfully Queer Heroes @AwfullyQHeroes. The Queer Capital city of all realms has been taken over by an evil entity, it's time to show your pride and adventure to restore the gaynesss.

Back it here:

9. SAINTED LOVE: A gay science-fiction adventure comic

From the creative minds of Steve Orlando @thesteveorlando and Giopota @giopota comes Sainted Love - a sexy gay time-travel romance too powerful to be contained to a single era! When Mac's lab is raided by members of a shadowy organization known as The Pilgrims, he and his lover John escape through his latest untested invention - a time machine. But where have they ended up?!