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10 More LGBTQ+ Podcasts To Listen To This Summer

Over the past few years, few things have helped me stay sane, but podcasts have always been just a click away. Whether you're walking the dog, commuting to the office or relaxing on the beach in the sun, here are 10 queer podcasts you should listen to this summer.


Queer History & Culture

Lost Spaces explores queer experiences as told through now-closed bars and clubs. Every episode singer/songwriter K Anderson interviews a different member of the community to find out about a venue from their past, the memories they created there and the people that they used to know.

New episodes Wednesday.


Queer Pop Culture & Conversations

Activist, writer and advocate for marginalised communities Munroe Bergdorf and her guest of the week reflect on their own journeys of growth, exploring how the big, the small and the in-between events of the past have shaped their perspective today and how this impacts their hopes for tomorrow.

New episodes every week.

Call Me Mother LISTEN HERE

Queer Experiences & Culture

Author and journalist Shon Faye talks with LGBTQ+ trailblazers who have something important, interesting or enlightening to say about what it means to be queer in the world today. Through these conversations, Call Me Mother aims to deepen our understanding of queer experiences through the life stories of the elders who have lived through it before us.

Rainbow Dads LISTEN HERE

Queer Parenthood

Hosted by Nicholas McInerny, Rainbow Dads is a podcast telling extraordinary stories from gay and bisexual dads – an arranged marriage, an evangelical upbringing and a deep affinity with David Bowie! The stories are raw, honest, funny and bittersweet memories of family, of fatherhood – and of self-acceptance.

Season two is out now!


Queer History

Why do we remember our heroes better than our villains? What can we learn by focusing on the dark side of queer history?

Bad Gays is a podcast about evil and complicated queers in history. From Alexander the Great to J. Edgar Hoover, our history is littered with them. Hosted by Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller.

Probably True LISTEN HERE

Queer Culture & Comedy

The repeatedly award-winning, slightly filthy storytelling project tackling LGBTQ issues in a fun and engaging way. Created to remind all of our queer siblings that we are none of us alone.

Much like its creator, it’s a smutty-but-charming collection of personal misadventures working to make the world a better place, one silly, sexy story at a time.

Sounds Fake But Okay LISTEN HERE

Queer Pop Culture & Conversations

Sounds Fake But Okay is a weekly podcast where an aromantic asexual girl and a demisexual girl talk about love, relationships, sexuality, & pretty much anything else they just don't understand.

Join Kayla and Sarah as they talk about pop culture, favourite fandoms and give listeners dubious advice in this hilarious yet insightful podcast.

The Film We Can't See LISTEN HERE

Queer Art & Culture

An unexpected phone call from a forgotten actor draws writer and producer Adam Zmith into an old cinema where he discovers some lost sound recordings from 1930.

Working with the actor Anton Blake Horowitz and researcher So Mayer, Adam begins to investigate a film that could have changed the world.

The Bisexual Agenda LISTEN HERE

Queer Society & Conversations

The Bisexual Agenda is a fun and comforting podcast from self-acclaimed 'local bisexual who literally can’t stop talking'.

Join Kit for queer-themed nonsense, tarot readings & a different guest every episode! Perfect for those looking for a queer easy listen. New episodes bi-weekly.


Queer Society & Advice

Dear Poly is a bi-weekly podcast designed to help answer questions about sexual exploration, non-monogamy and different types of polyamorous relationships - with interviews from people across the spectrums of gender, sexuality, and relationship styles.

New episodes bi-weekly.

Do you have a favourite queer podcast you love to listen to? Send us a message on twitter @ProudGeekStore or email us at

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