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20 Queer Podcasts To Listen To In Lockdown

Over lockdown, few things have helped us stay sane, but podcasts have always been just a click away. From queer pop culture news to in-depth film reviews, educational interviews to hilarious comedy - here are 20 LGBT+ podcasts you should listen to in 2021.


Listen for free every week, as a different student, graduate or LGBT+ producer tells their most #QueerAF story on the podcast by National Student Pride. Hosted by Jamie Wareham, we commission young LGBT+ producers to tell their own stories so long as they are beyond the binary, sex-positive, challenge mental health, sexuality and identity taboos – or have unicorns spewing rainbows everywhere.

The 802 Podcast LISTEN HERE

Ride with Dan & Nick on The 802 as they talk shit from London to Liverpool! "Our resident driver and conductor are loud brown gays who'll break down all things pop culture in 'Lemme tell you somethin'." Get to know some of their fellow LGBT+ travellers in outrageous interviews, and answer your questions and deliver dangerous advice at the Back of the Bus every single week! New shows Wednesday & Friday!

Bearded Fruit LISTEN HERE

Politics and culture through an intersectional queer lens. In a post-marriage equality world, the LGBTQ community is moving into uncharted territory. With an eye on how queer identity intersects with race, gender and all of our other identities, we’re having conversations at the crossroads of queerness and the contemporary world. More than just gay, one of the two married hosts is on the ace spectrum.

Big Boy Talk with Joe Ali LISTEN HERE

Join Joe Ali and guests for a chat about topics the LGBT+ community hold nearest and dearest! From drag, sex, race and so much more.

Sit back, relax, and prepare for some grand old gay listening!

Busy Being Black LISTEN NOW

Busy Being Black with Josh Rivers is a podcast exploring how people live in the fullness of their queer Black lives.

The podcast is a growing compendium of queer Black voices, an oral history project and conversations with those who have learned – and are learning – to thrive at the intersections of their identities.


Hosted by New York City-based comedians Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali, Dyking Out is a podcast about lesbian / queer life, news, and pop culture. Each week, Carolyn and Melody invite a special guest (comedians, musicians, actors, crushes) to dyke out with them about a topic that’s relevant to the LGBTQIA world. But really, it’s just another way to advance the gay agenda.

Homo Sapiens LISTEN HERE

Alan Cumming and Christopher Sweeney talk to inspirational people over tea and biscuits.

Each week they'll bring you intelligent, informative and fun conversations that represent the interests of LGBTQ+ people around the world. New episodes every Thursday. Subscribe now so you don't miss a thing.

The Kinkyboys Podcast LISTEN HERE

The Kinkyboys Podcast is a monthly podcast exploring the ins and outs, kinks and roles of the gay BDSM and kink scene. In each episode, host Craig interviews experienced kinksters about their unique fetishes, asks the questions you want to know the answers to and educates you on how different fetishes, kinks and dynamics work in the gay kink scene.

Lesbians who write LISTEN HERE

Every Monday, hosts Clare Lydon and TB Markinson pull back the curtain on the writer’s life by discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly about writing, publishing, and marketing.

Occasionally, Clare and TB get sidetracked by Clare’s quest to win Hamilton tickets and TB’s mint chocolate chip ice cream addiction.


Lez Geek Out! is a geek culture podcast that celebrates popular culture with an eye for the woman-loving-woman audience. It focuses mainly on work with lesbian/bi/wlw themes and characters, but sometimes strays into territory where the subtext is strong and the female characters are stronger. The show covers all forms of media, be they books, movies, TV shows, graphic novels, web-comics, or anything else that fits the bill.