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Gays In Space - 10 LGBTQ+ Sci-Fi Books Set In Space.

This month we're taking a look at queer science fiction. From genderqueer aliens to lesbian gunslingers, non-binary graphic novels and cosmic space horror - here are 10 LGBTQ+ sci-fi books set in space that we think everyone should read:

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1. The Darkness Outside Us

Reading age: 13+

The Darkness Outside Us is an archellian young adult romance/survival drama set in space with a pansexual main character and a gay love interest. The story follows two boys (Ambrose and Kodiak) sent out on a rescue mission alone in space as they work together and learn to trust each other.

- Mysterious

- Enemies to lovers

- Stuck together

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2. Killer Queens

Reading age: 16+

Killer Queens is a fast-paced and funny queer adventure comic with both lesbian and gay main characters. The graphic novel follows two reformed assassins for hire, Max and Alex, as they fight fascist dictators and xenophobic aliens with laser guns and sassy one-liners. A tongue-in-cheek 60's inspired sci-fi adventure for the gays.

- Gay shinanigans

- Inuendos

- Get paid, eat tacos

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3. A Memory Called Empire

Reading age: 17+

A Memory Called Empire is an intelligent and detailed political murder mystery set in space with a slow burn sapphic romance and amazing world-building. The novel follows Ambassador Mahit Dzmare as she arrives in Teixcalaan to find that her predecessor has died. But who killed him and is Mahit next?

- Hugo Award Winner 2020

- Amazing world building

- Book 1 in the Teixcalaan series

4. The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet

Reading age: 16+

The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet is an emotional and comforting queer space adventure with polyamorous, genderqueer, and queer representation throughout. The book follows a young adventurer, Rosemary Harper, as she joins the crew of The Wayfair on the adventure of a lifetime.

- Found family

- Cosy vibes

- Genderqueer aliens

5. Bonds Of Brass

Reading age: 14+

Bonds Of Brass is the first in The Bloodright Trilogy - an achillean young adult science fiction fantasy book series following Ettian, a young pilot, as he risks everything to save the man he loves most from being assassinated. A fast-paced, Star Wars-inspired queer scifi novel filled with twists and turns.

- Best friends to lovers

- Star Wars, but make it gay

- YA adventure

- Ongoing book series

6. Across A Field Of Starlight

Reading age: 12+

Across A Field Of Starlight is an amazing science fiction graphic novel with nonbinary leads set during a space war. The graphic novel follows Fassen and Lu, two people from different worlds who live very different lives and has a large diverse cast of characters.

- Queerplatonic relationship

- No cishets

- Beautiful artwork

7. Ancestral Night

Reading age: 17+

Ancestral Night is a slow burn queer science fiction novel about Haimey, the captain of a small salvage tug operation. She thinks she knows what she wants. She thinks she knows who she is. But all that changes when she and her crew stumble upon a huge prize and uncover war crimes beyond what they can even imagine

- Found family in space

- Transhumanism

- Also cats

8. Bluebird

Reading age: 17+

Bluebird is a sapphic sci-fi adventure following Rig, a gunslinging, thieving, rebel with a cause who doesn't give a damn about the warring factions that control the galaxy. That is, until her former faction sends her a message: return what she stole from them, or they'll kill her twin sister.

- Spaceships, rebels, forbidden love.

- Lesbian gunslinger fights spies in space!

- Cute librarian girlfriend.

9. The Outside

Reading age: 18+

The Outside (and sequel, The Fallen) is a queer science fiction horror following Autistic scientist Yasira Shien who has developed a radical new energy drive that could change the future of humanity. The AI Gods who rule the galaxy declare her work heretical, and Yasira is abducted by their agents.

- Space opera meets cosmic horror

- Autistic lesbian math prodigy

- AI gods

10. Cosmoknights

Reading age: 14+

Cosmoknights is a fast-paced sapphic young adult graphic novel following a ragtag band of space gays as they fight the patriarchy in 2169. It's a beautiful comic with stunning art, a rich plot and a diverse cast of characters - think queer women in space meets pseudo-medieval futurism from Hannah Templer.

- Space gays in space

- Smash the patriarchy

- Butch representation

Got a queer space adventure you think we should know about? Send us a message on Twitter @ProudGeekStore or email us at

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