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Queer Books for D&D Nerds

Updated: Jan 8

This month we're taking a look at queer fantasy books and graphic novels perfect for lovers of Dungeons and Dragons and TTRPGs. Gather your party, take a long rest and make sure you've replenished your spell slots, it's time for an adventure! Here are 12 of the best LGBTQ+ books for DnD nerds:

1. The Unspoken Name

Age rating: 17+

The Unspoken Name is an action-packed adult fantasy novel with a full cast of LGBT characters: a lesbian orc warrior, a badass sapphic mage and queer side characters with a slow-burn F/F romance. An immersive fantasy about fate, sacrifice and power. (Book 2 of the series was released earlier this year).

- Escapist fantasy

- Lesbian orcs and sapphic mages

- Queer found Family

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2. A Dark And Hollow Star

Age rating: 17+

A Dark and Hollow Star is the first in a series of extremely queer high fantasy novels that follow a cast of lesbian, gay, bisexual, genderfluid, pansexual and questioning teens as they band together to find a seriel killer and save both the faerie and human worlds from destruction. (Book 2 is out now).

- Faeries, fantasy, and gays

- Find the killer, save the world

- Immortal-trapped-in-teenage-body

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3. Legends & Lattes

Age rating: 17+

Legends and Lattes is a queer and cosy high fantasy novel with low stakes, a double-shot of self-reinvention and a very sweet, slow-burn sapphic romance. The book follows Viv, an orc barbarian, tired of the warrior life as she decides to open a coffee shop in the town of Thune. A heartwarming and lovable character-driven story about coffee and found family.

- Cosy coffee shop romance

- Fantasy slice-of-life novel

- Orc meets succubus 💕

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4. The Adventure Zone

Age rating: 15+

The Adventure Zone is role-playing adventure graphic novel series based on the hit podcast of the same name. Follow Taako the elf wizard, Merle the dwarf cleric, and Magnus the human warrior as they're guided by their snarky DM on an adventure they're REALLY not ready for.

- Ambigously German warlocks

- Fire wolves

- "Abraca- Fuck you!"

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Age rating: 12+

WYND is a magical queer YA high fantasy adventure comic with achillean main characters by James Tynion IV. The graphic novel follows Wynd, a teenager growing up in a town where magic is illegal and is forced to hide his pointy ears for fear of being hunted down and killed by order of the king.

- High fantasy comic

- Gay protagonist

- Secret hidden magic

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6. Master Of One

Age rating: 14+

Master of one is a fast-paced and funny YA fantasy adventure with an Achillean fae/thief slow-burn romance. The book follows Rags, a thief who is one day caught by the Queensguard and forced to find an ancient fae relic for a sadistic royal sorcerer. Indiana Jones meets Six Of Crows.

- Handsome fae prince

- Dumbass with a heart of gold

- Slow-burn queer romance

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7. Rat Queens

Age rating: 16+

Rat Queens is a lighthearted fantasy adventure series of graphic novels following a group of booze-guzzling, death-dealing battle maidens-for-hire as they fight, drink and screw their way through a series of quests and kill anyone who gets in their way.

- Queer fantasy adventure series

- Mages and clerics and fighters, oh my!

- Murder hobos for hire

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