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Adventuring with Pride (HARDBACK)

Adventuring can be so... tiresome. Why not relax at the famous Enchanted Woods Inn, with like-minded fellows? Enjoy fresh homemade brew, live drag entertainment and comfortable accommodation. At least, that's what you might have been in for before the shadowy Queen took over...Uncover the mystery surrounding the Enchanted Woods Inn in the first of our three one-shots in Adventuring with Pride!


Adventuring with Pride is a brand-new an LGBT Themed D&D 5E Supplement full of adventures, characters and more, all themed around LGBT culture.


The book contains:


  • Four wonderful adventures based around Vicki Mockery, Mirabelle Croft, and Mika Stone!
  • Lots of fun magic and mundane items!
  • DM tools including several LGBT themed encounters!
  • New Pride-themed backgrounds and subclasses!
  • Custom character sheets to get people started!


More importantly, with each order of Adventuring with Pride, a percentage of all proceeds go to two LGBT+ charities: The Rainbow Railroad, which helps LGBT people to leave oppressive and dangerous countries, as well as Stonewall, which campaigns for LGBT rights and liberties across the world.

Adventuring with Pride (HARDBACK)

  • Product Information

    Adventuring With Pride | Hardback
    Edition: First Edition
    Author: Jack Dixon
    Publication Date: 01 June 2020
    Pages: 100
    Dimensions: 307 x 220 x 14 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Representation

    Queer Men
    Queer Women