Spanish drama in which a lesbian couple living on a canal boat in London begin to contemplate starting a family. When Eva (Oona Chaplin) approaches Kat (Natalia Tena) with an urge to have a baby, Kat rejects the idea and struggles with the concept of leaving behind their untroubled lifestyle. However, when Eva becomes upset at Kat's dismissal of parenthood, Kat succumbs to agreeing to plan their family.

Things are hurried along when Kat's best friend, Roger (David Verdaguer), arrives from Barcelona and the couple agree to use Roger as a sperm donor. As Eva's pregnancy develops, Kat begins to question her future as the reality of parenthood begins to set in.

Anchor and Hope

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    Anchor and Hope | DVD

    Release date: 5 Nov 2018
    Genre: Comedy- Drama
    Studio: Network
    Region: Region 2
    Language: English & Spanish
    Subtitles: English
    Run Time: 113 minutes
    Number of discs: 1

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