Help lost boys and daddy vampires find love and sustenance in this 5th edition adventure for the world's best known role-playing game. Meet all sorts of fabulous monsters, from well endowed satyrs to cheeky slime monsters. Get all queer up in here. Perhaps you'll be a matchmaker, and perhaps you will quietly weep as you slay some of them.


Chateau Rosebud is a place of FEELS.

Things may eat you, but in the name of love.


This adventure is designed for characters of a level no lower than 3 or higher than 10.


This limited print edition of Curse of Hearts is signed by the author and comprises 50 numbered copies.


CONTENT WARNING: This product is not suitable for minors, baby vampires or those who don't like seeing scantily clad queer horrors.

Curse Of Hearts

  • Product Information

    Curse of Hearts: Stake. Parry. Kill. | Staplebound
    Edition: Signed
    Author: Oliver Clegg 
    Publication Date: 31 July 2020
    Pages: 34
    Dimensions: 210 x 298 x 4 (mm)
    Language: English


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