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Food School

A twenty-something college dropout enrolls in a full-time outpatient program for eating disorder recovery. As they change their relationship with food, their relationships with people change, too.

Olive's post-secondary education isn't what they'd planned. Instead of college, they spend five days a week, eight hours a day at what Olive calls "Food School": a full-time outpatient program for eating disorder recovery where they learn, talk, and cry about eating disorders as part of a survivor support group.


Intensely committed to recovery, Olive confronts the secretive, self-destructive, and sometimes tragically comedic nature of their illness, while struggling with the complexities of modern mental health care. With support and perspective from their roommate, a fellow patient, and their partner, Olive learns to open up about their abusive relationship with food and exercise—and finds ways to cope with the reality of living in a society that actively encourages disordered eating.


In this fictional slice-of-life comic, Jade Armstrong ( Scout Is Not a Band Kid ) explores the ways our relationships with food impact our connections with the people we love.

Food School

  • Product Information


    Food School | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781772620962
    Publisher: Conundrum Press
    Publication Date: 6 Jun 2024
    Pages: 80
    Dimensions: 171 x 127 x 9 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Representation

    Non-Binary & Genderqueer

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