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Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings

During a day of questionable choices at Space Pride, Max & Alex bump into their old boss, Bieti and his new-and-improved hench bears. The grumpy little simian tries to get them back on his team to chase down a runaway heir to the throne of Sarelia, an alien planet ruled by a brutal patriarchy. Little does he know that the heir in question happens to be Alex’s younger sibling. And they have…wings.

Turns out, a genetic quirk gives some of their race wings when they’re born. But on a planet that lives by the motto “Kings, not wings”, those born with wings are required to have them cut off. It’s supposed to make them more “masculine.” The king is doing all he can to get his youngest heir back on the butcher block and restore the line of succession.

As Alex and Max race to save Alex’s sibling from Bieti, the king’s guard, and a galaxy-wide bounty hunt, they’ll dredge up Alex’s past and confront her planet’s misogynist present. If that means burning the patriarchy to the ground, well, get out the torches.

Collects Killer Queens II issues 1–4.

Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings

Expected to ship May 2024
  • Product Information


    Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781506735979
    Publisher: Dark Horse Comics, U.S.
    Publication Date: 28 May 2024
    Pages: 96
    Dimensions: 258 x 168 (mm)
    Language: English

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