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Run Away With Me, Girl Vol. 3

A dramatic, funny, and painful romance manga between two women about how, sometimes, you need to run away in order to find where you truly belong. Perfect for fans of coming-out yuri like How Do We Relationship? and masters of adult drama like Akiko Higashimura (Princess Jellyfish) and Takako Shimura (Even Though We're Adults). Maki's first love was her high school classmate, a girl named Midori.

But Midori broke up with Maki at graduation, saying they were now "too old to be fooling around dating girls." Ten years later, Maki still can't get Midori off her mind, and when the two women reconnect after a chance encounter, Maki realizes that while her feelings haven't changed, Midori's life has turned upside down--she's engaged and pregnant. But the more Maki hears Midori talk about her soon-to-be-husband, the more red flags she notices. Before Maki can stop herself, she asks Midori to run away with her.

Will this impromptu escape be the key that leads the two women to a fuller understanding of themselves, and back into each other's arms?

Run Away With Me, Girl Vol. 3

  • Product Information

    Run Away With Me, Girl, Vol. 3 | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781646517183
    Publisher: Kodansha America, Inc
    Publication Date: 2 May 2023
    Pages: 224
    Dimensions: 146 x 232 x 19 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Representation

    Queer Women

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