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Space Battle Lunchtime Volume 3: A Dish Best Served Cold

Peony may have come in second place on the mega popular cooking show Space Battle Lunchtime, but with a girlfriend and a royal catering gig for a space empress, she's on top of the world! Until she finds out her old rival, Melonhead, is catering the same event. But that's a picnic—she's dealt with Melonhead before. What she hasn't dealt with is her girlfriend Neptunia's mysterious past, which comes to a head when Nep's sister turns out to be the empress's bodyguard. And what Peony absolutely can't deal with is an attempt on the empress's life—especially when she's the prime suspect!

All this cutthroat culinary sabotage was supposed to be over when Space Battle Lunchtime ended... but in the competitive world of catering, there's always someone ready to stab you in the back.

Space Battle Lunchtime Volume 3: A Dish Best Served Cold

  • Product Information

    Space Battle Lunchtime Vol. 3: A Dish Best Served Cold | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781620107850
    Publisher: Oni Press
    Publication Date: 29 Sep 2020
    Pages: 128
    Dimensions: 154 x 229 x 13 (mm)
    Language: English

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    Queer Women

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