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The Adventure Zone: Petals to the Metal (Book 3)

With two dangerous magical artifacts already recovered, our heroes Taako, Magnus and Merle are feeling confident as they're sent out after their latest target: a notorious thief known as The Raven. She's gotten her hands on another Grand Relic, and she's using it to terrorise the city of Goldcliff with killer vines, poisonous thorns, and one tree monster named Trent. The assignment takes some white-knuckle wild turns, and the boys soon find themselves entangled in the weeds of underground battle wagon racing, which is both fast and furious if you catch the drift.

Allied with a Lieutenant Hurley, who knows an awful lot about illegal racing circuits for a cop, our heroes are gonna have to gear up and burn some fantasy rubber if they want to stop The Raven from destroying the city . . . and herself with it.

The Adventure Zone: Petals to the Metal (Book 3)

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  • Product Information

    The Adventure Zone: Petals to the Metal | Paperback
    ISBN: 9781250232632
    Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
    Publication Date: 28 Jul 2020
    Pages: 272
    Dimensions: 155 x 228 x 22 (mm)
    Language: English

  • Queer Representation

    Queer Men
    Trans & Non-Binary

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